Rackspace uptime is not what is promised. Billing is horrible, confusing and designed to deceive you into paying far more than what is market

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I had a Windows 2008 server with Racks pace. They bill by the hour, the server size and processor time. They guarantee 99.98 percent uptime, yet where down nearly 4 hours last month.

To add insult to injury, they billed me for the downtime.

Far too many other hosted cloud services to go with these clowns. They over bill you, nearly 800 a month for something I COULD BUY and host myself for a fraction of the cost in a month.

I would not recommend them to anyone, including my competition, worst enemy. They will *** coming and going with their outages and rates

Monetary Loss: $718.

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Tucson, Arizona, United States #992990

We signed up for their cloud computing service than cancelled it several months later. After cancelling the account, they continued to bill us.

Once that was resolved, we had new charges on the credit card from them. It was for a company that we do not own. When we called to dispute the charges, they would not reverse them but insisted that we dispute them through the credit card company. This of course requires the current credit card to be closed and a new one issued 5-10 days later.

We use the credit card for most of our purchases. To switch over the accounts to the new card is a major undertaking.

Strongly recommend not to use Rackspace!!

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